Since the European Union Biocidal Products Directive entered into force in Lithuania from 1st July, company “Megrame Medis” is using linseed oil based timber window impregnation agent to protect the windows against soft rot and blue stain. This step is consistently supporting company’s environmental policy, care of ecology and goal to have most up to date production process.

„Since 1 July this year in accordance to EU Biocidical Products Directive 98/8/EC we began to use modified agent, based on linseed oil, for the impregnation of our timber windows and doors from the German supplier “Remmers”. We care about the environment and health of our customers”, – says one of the shareholders of “Megrame Medis” and general manager of “Megrame Export” Agnis Magelinskas.

Now, instead of the impregnation agent, which included acrylate and alkyd binders, company uses new one based on linseed oil. It has the same characteristics as the previous one, but it is much more ecological because of smaller amount of propiconazol. This corresponds not only to the requirements of the Directive, but as well as with the expectations of an ecology-conscious consumer.

“It is very important for us that our timber production meets highest modern construction thermal efficiency and ecological requirements”, – says Agnis Magelinskas. “With the situation in European manufacturing industry today our company has to be ahead of other manufacturers and we do everything to stay this way. This is valued by our customers and we therefore try to offer to our clients around the world most of the new high end tendencies in timber production. As we are one of the oldest successfully working companies manufacturing timber windows, doors, curtain walls not only in Lithuania but as well as in the Baltic countries this shows that our customers trust us and value our products and know-how.”

“Our paints and lacquers are labelled with “Blue Angel”. This symbol indicates that these products are not harmful to the environment. This is the first and the world’s best-known eco-label, introduced in 1978 and established for organic products’ standards. This mark means that the paint is completely harmless even for children, as it is used to finish wooden children’s toys or beds”, – says Agnis Magelinskas.

Our company operates for more than 10 years in Lithuania, United Kingdom, Ireland, Scandinavian and other Western and Eastern European countries and North America and we care to manufacture eco-friendly products that would not contain such harmful substances as formaldehyde. The manufacturing of timber products is carried out in environment friendly manner – leftovers from finishing process is collected and reused, timber leftovers and saw-dust are made into blocks for firing, glass is recycled.