Companies of Megrame Group place special emphasis on their environmentally friendly manufacturing processes as well as the eco-friendliness of their products.

Manufacturing process of timber windows is carried out in eco-friendly manner – the left over finishing materials are collected and reused, the wood waste products and saw dust are used to make fuel briquettes, glass is recycled. The timber used by Megrame comes from sustainable forests through FSC (Forest Stewardship Council) accredited suppliers. It ensures that company uses wood derived from well managed forests, combined with environmental protection, social welfare and sustainable economic benefits. This certificate is recognized by the world’s most influential environmental organizations such as the World Wildlife Fund (WWF) and Greenpeace.

Megrame timber products have a long life-cycle and with the appropriate maintenance they will last twenty years and more. Megrame Export offers up to 10 years warranty for its timber products.

Timber is a far superior thermal insulator to any other materials used to manufacture windows and doors. Timber does not form a ‘thermal bridge’, which increases heat loss, and does not allow water to condense. Megrame constantly improves its manufacturing technology in order to attain better thermal values. Thinking of care for the environment it is also important to remember that good window insulation enables people to save heat and money.

Timber windows are absolutely harmless to people and the surroundings. Our windows, doors and curtain walls are impregnated with linseed oil based agent, primed, painted or lacquered with water based micro-porous materials. Our paints are free from harmful components such as formaldehydes and similar chemicals.

Timber is the only completely natural material for windows and doors. Timber is a classic example of sustainable and recyclable material requiring very low energy consumption to process, and it is thermally efficient in use.