Aluminium windows were always very popular in the commercial sector but currently more private clients are enquiring about this product for their homes. Like other “Megrame GB” products, the double or triple glazed aluminium range combines sleek design with energy efficiency and durability. As aluminium is becoming increasingly popular with people for their homes our company is offering an array of entrance, french, tilt & slide doors and tilt & turn windows, produced using highest quality Reynaers and Schuco profiles.

Aluminium is a high quality and durable material and is unique due to its flexibility and wide range of finishes. Aluminium windows are well-built, long lasting, resistant to environmental impacts, mechanical damages and are waterproof. These products are easy to maintain, they have long term preservation value and are ecology friendly as do not exude harmful substances and can be reprocessed. Opening of aluminium windows can be easily automated and used in various project be it a private residential home, commercial, office or high rise purpose built buildings.

Our aluminium windows and doors:

•    Are made of thermal insulated profile systems that have strong thermal insulation features.
•    Can be made in various shapes adjusted to different architectural styles.
•    Two – side painting with different colour of the profile is available.
•    Comply with fire protection requirements.
•    Come with 5 year guarantee.

Aluminium doors can be anti burglary with various security mechanisms available. They are secure, strong and recommended to use for public building purposes. Aluminium doors are long lasting; their systems do not require much care. Aluminium doors are ecological, do not exude harmful substances and can be reprocessed for the second time.[/vc_column]

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“Megrame GB” aluminium windows with Reynaers and Schuco profile systems:

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CS 68, CS 77, CS 86Hi

•    Thermal insulation Uf between 1,8 and 2,9 W/m2K.
•    68mm width profile provides a high acoustic performance.
•    Thermally improved 3-chamber profile for the optimum combination.
•    Glazing (max up to 44mm width) can be installed.
•    WK3 burglar resistance can be achieved.
•    All types of inward and outward opening can be offered.


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AWS 65, AWS 70, AWS 75

•    Thermal insulation Uf between 0,9 and 2,2W/m2K.
•    Construction depth 65mm.
•    AWS system meets the highest requirements.
•    Modern profile gives you freedom of designing.
•    WK3 burglar resistance can be achieved.
•    All types of inward and outward opening types can be offered.


“Megrame GB” sliding doors with Reynaers and Schuco profile systems:
Our lift-and-slide doors are almost silent in operation and easy to use. With folding/sliding doors, you open complete glass walls almost fully, whilst the tilt/slide doors combine the benefits of sliding windows and turn/tilt windows: the door units float on ball-bearing rollers and are very easy to operate and can also be tilted.

You will be spoilt for choice when selecting from our widest range of window door or sliding and folding/sliding door systems, offering great design combined with perfect functionality.

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Features and benefits of the highly thermally insulated Schüco Sliding and Lift-and-Slide System ASS 70.HI:

•   Sliding and lift-and-slide systems with optimized thermal insulation in accordance with DIN EN ISO 10077, Part 1
•   Uw values of < 1.3 W/m²K, depending on the design
•   Basic depth of vent profile of 70 mm
•   Basic depth of outer frame from 160 mm
•   Face widths over 108 mm
•   High degree of transparency due to large vent sizes of up to 9 m², depending on the design
•   Vent weights of up to 400 kg depending on the design
•   Wide range of designs based on single, double and triple track outer frames
•   High-quality fittings components for easy operation
•   Flyscreen available as a sliding unit
•   Burglar resistance up to WK2


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“Megrame GB” offers the whole range of gloss and matt RAL finishes, metallic colours, pastel shades, wood and stone imitation, anodised colours and the various hues of the maintenance-friendly and scratch-resistant Coatex structure lacquer.

We can produce aluminium windows and doors in different colours inside and outside.

We do design, manufacture and assemble aluminium curtain-walls, windows, doors and winter gardens.  Our company continuously follows all new developments in the curtain wall market, regularly searching for new products to our clients. Our production lines are up to the highest standards and are suitable for processing of aluminium as well as steel profiles. Special attention is drawn to quality – we never offer questionable solutions but adhere to all quality and safety standards.


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Our services:

•   Consulting;
•   Design proposals;
•   Static and dynamic calculations of curtain wall load bearing elements;
•   Thermal and acoustic calculations for curtain walls;
•   Simulation of air and heat flows;
•   Selection of sun protection;
•   3D visualisation of curtain wall solutions;
•   Technical, working and production project;
•   Creation of new systems and solutions;
•   Supervision of technical projects;
•   Laboratory tests for static, dynamic impact, load, water and air tightness, fire and thermal resistance.


Our products:


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