Megrame International has successfully finished another windows design, supply and installation contract in London. The completion of One Housing Group development in ever changing Hackney area, managed by Mulalley and Co, involving timber composite and aluminium products, is another proof of our company’s growing abilities, professionalism and progress, and makes a great addition to a number of other projects our team had handled over the past year in London and other UK regions.

We have increased our personnel levels, and with maturing experience, are now able to manage more complex, large and unique contracts at the same time. Our company provides design, manufacturing, delivery and installation services, as well as consults our clients before the start of the project, also offering after sales service, needed when the project is finished. And the versatility of our services, the wide range of offered products, professional management of projects according to the strict Building program, allow us to stand out when it comes to the client which company to choose for services in this competitive market conditions.

Below are few projects, depicting our completed contracts portfolio.

Ramsgate Street  – Residential Building Over – 7 Floor

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St. Martins – Renovation Project  in  COVENT – GARDEN! Building over – 5 Floors

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get (26)
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Oval Road-Prestigious Residential Apartment – Building Over 6 Floors

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get (31)
get (32)
get (33)


Latham’s Yard-Residential – Building Complex of 3 Buildings over 6 Floors

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get (35)
get (36)
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Atlip Road – Residential  Building  Complex  of 6 Buildings, from  4  up to 9 Floors

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get (41)


Lime tree road – Residential building floors – over 2 

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