Megrame International was set up in 1999 to implement international sales and expansion for Megrame production. The Megrame Group of Companies was established in 1992 and is the biggest manufacturer of timber, timber-aluminium, PVC and aluminium windows, doors and curtain walls in the Baltic Countries.

For over 15 years Megrame International has delivered full range of Glazing Solutions from timber, timber-aluminium, uPVC and aluminium for construction industry accross Europe as well as countries in other continents, such as the USA, Canada, New Zealand, Saudi Arabia, etc.


Megrame International product range:

  • Timber and aluclad windows, timber-aluminium curtain walls and conservatories, patio and sliding doors, entrance doors;
  • PVC windows, patio and sliding doors, entrance doors;
  • Aluminium windows, doors and curtain wall;
  • Interior doors.

Sales Markets
The main markets of Megrame International are the United Kingdom, Ireland, Sweden, France, Germany, Norway, Switzerland, Italy, Russia, Ukraine and other countries.


Megrame International offers contemporary and traditional design products for professional construction industry customers (builders and contractors), specifiers (architects and design studios), wholesalers, installers as well as private customers. All windows and doors maid in timber, aluclad timber, PVC or aluminium correspond with the highest requirements for thermal efficiency, weathering, acoustic performance and security. Only environmentally friendly materials are used in manufacturing such as FCS certified timber, water based paint for finishing of wood windows, led free PVC profiles and more.


Megrame International has experienced team of individuals specializing in project management, design and engineering, installation and logistics. We are able to offer a full package (product and service) to glazing industry customers around the world. We design and prepare all technical documentation, we manufacture, deliver and install with the highest attitude to quality, details and customer satisfaction.


The quality management system ISO 9001 and the environmental protection management system 14001 have been introduced in most of our factories. All Megrame International products bear the CE mark. The companies’ products are certified for integrity, performance and security according to different EU and UK requirements.

Megrame International is committed to bringing you products of the highest quality and value. We are just as committed to standing behind our products, with quick responsive service and a comprehensive warranty. All windows and doors made by Megrame International are covered by warranty for up to 10 years from the purchase date.

In 1999 Megrame products were the first in the Baltic States to be certified in compliance with the quality standards ISO 9002 and ISO 14001:2004ISO 9001:2008. All Megrame products are marked with CE mark.

Megrame products have been certified according to following standards as defined in harmonized standard EN 14351-1:2006:

Thermal transmittance BS EN ISO 10077-1:2006, BS EN ISO 10077-2:2012; EN ISO 12567-1:2010
Resistance to wind load EN 12211:2002

Air permeability EN 1026:2004

Watertightness EN 1027:2004

Acoustic performance EN ISO 717-1:2013

Resistance to repeated opening and closing EN 1191, EN12400

Megrame EURO doors passed enhanced security performance requirements for door assemblies according to PAS 24-1:1999.

Megrame products a have been nominated a number of times as the best Lithuanian Product of the Year.



Respect for the environment is important to us. Megrame International recognises the need to limit our impact on the environment, and we work to create effective responses to the environmental challenges we all face today. Sustainability is about responsible materials sourcing, energy efficiency, recycling, carbon emissions and life expectancy of products.


Responsible materials sourcing. It is essential to consider how your windows are made, and what they are made off. Megrame International is committed to the use of raw materials from sustainable sources, maximising the use of recycled materials, and minimising the use of energy from non-renewable sources.

Megrame International has secured the Forest Stewardship Council (FSC®) Chain-of-Custody Certification together with our timber factory Megrame Medis.

The FSC® is an international organization dedicated to promoting responsible management of the world’s forests. FSC® certification ensures that the wood in products come from well-managed forests which meet the social, economic and ecological needs of present and future generations. Chain-of-Custody is the path taken from the forest to the consumer – including each stage of transformation, manufacturing, storage and transport involving a change of ownership of the material or product. Independent certification bodies assess chain of custody operations against FSC® standards, review a company’s qualifications, and award FSC® certificates when operations are in full compliance.

Certificate registration code: NC-COC-024360

FSC License Code: FSC-C128363

We offer custom-crafted windows and doors made with 100% FSC® certified pine, oak, or meranti. Other FSC® certified timber species available upon request.

Visist FSC website for more information.

Download the FSC Certificate.

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Energy efficiency. Products used in the building construction can significantly improve energy efficiency, and reduce running costs. Windows with low U-values is very important and Megrame International windows can reach U-values as low as 0.78W/m2K.


Recycling. In our factories we have a waste sorting policy. Spare and broken glass is reprocessed, sawdust that remains after processing timber is automatically collected and remanufactured into the blocks for firing, and our spray booths collect and recycle residue. We use a water-based micro porous preservative and finishing system that contains absolutely no toxic chemicals.



Carbon emissions. Argon filled energy efficient glass units maximise thermal gain, reduce thermal loss and reflect heat back into the room in the Winter time in order to drastically reduce the need for heating and therefore the release of CO2. In the summer windows can be designed to reduce solar gain and increase natural ventilation, thus reducing the need for air conditioning.


Life expectancy of products. As our moto is ‘Windows for a lifetime’ we do everything to deliver this to our customers. Megrame International offers a comprehensive warranty of up to 10 years on all windows and doors.


Eco-friendly finishing system. Remmers Gmbh four layer water-based micro porous preservative and finishing system is used to finish our timber windows and doors. The impregnation agent is linseed oil based. These finishing  materials carry a “Blue Angel” label – the first and the world’s best-known eco-label, introduced in 1978. It has set the standard for eco-friendly products and services. This label means that these finishing materials are harmless even to small children, as the same paints are used for baby cribs and wooden toys and contain absolutely no toxic chemicals.