Timber-Alu Curtain Walling



NOVUS is innovative timber-aluminium facade system for maximum freedom in the design of glazed timber-aluminium curtain walls. Slim uniform profile lines allow for maximum light to enter the building. This system has very good thermal values and sound isolation. The heat conductivity coefficient up to 1.1 W/m2K can be reached.
All the requirements for curtain wall construction are achievable with this system. Exposed wood on the inside creates a comfortable ambiance. Outside the aluminium profiles protect the timber structure against all climatic effects. The system is of the highest technical quality and easy to install.
The curtain-wall elements are not operable but striking and uniform curtain-wall can be created as operable units can be integrated into our NOVUS curtain-wall system – windows, doors, lift & slide, parallel slide doors, folding doors. Timber frames can be coated with paints or transparent lacquers.




  • 60 mm laminated timber frame made from the selected engineered timber – pine, larch, oak, mahogany etc.;
  • 24 mm – 48 mm wide glass unit, selected according to the curtain-wall construction;
  • Aluminium profile that supports the glass unit from the exterior is resistant to temperature fluctuations and has long lasting colour;
  • Optional warm edge spacers Swisspacer, TGI or Thermix;
  • Wide palette of lacquers and RAL palette of paints allows the customer to obtain the desired colour effect while at the same time preserving the natural beauty and warmth of woo;
  • Exterior aluminium profiles can be painted with any colour from RAL or NCS colour palette, anodized aluminium options;
  • Laminated wood supporting construction of the curtain-wall is in the interior of the building; it acts as a wooden rafter design feature within the building;
  • The weight of glass unit is held by special boards joined with the main frame.
Species of wood

Only engineered timber is used to manufacture Megrame windows and doors. This provides superior strength, stability and a knot-free finish – qualities for which our products are renowned.

Standard species of wood:

  • pine (finger-joint or clear faced)
  • oak
  • larch
  • meranti

Other species of traditional (eucalyptus, mahogany) or exotic (hemlock, oregon, white saraya) timber available upon request.

The timber used to manufacture our products is carefully selected and treated, and with correct installation and proper maintenance MEGRAME windows will last and give satisfaction for several decades


Today’s glazing solutions offer incredible potential to create environments that are comfortable, cost-effective and sustainable.

At MEGRAME we offer a range of double and triple glazing with different performance characteristics – energy saving, solar control, noise reduction, safety, fire resistance.

Available glass unit spacers: aluminium, thermospacers Swisspacer and TGI (colours white or grey as standard).

To ensure privacy our customers can choose from Standard frosted glass or following obscure glass patterns:


Type No.1

Type No.2

Type No.3

Type No.4

Type No.5

Type No.6

Type No.7

Type No.8

Type No.9

Type No.10


  • Coto62 window is designed for low energy projects with U value of 0,77 W/m²K....

  • Euro94 tilt and turn windows are suitable for apartments, private houses and commercial buildings....

  • Megrame Flush Casement double glazed windows with perfectly flush joints with no unsightly grooves....