Aluminium is a high quality and durable material and is unique due to its flexibility and wide range of finishes. Aluminium windows are well-built, long lasting, resistant to environmental impacts, mechanical damages and are waterproof. Aluminium windows are easy to maintain and have long term preservation value. Opening of aluminium windows can be easily automated. Aluminium constructions are ecological, do not exude harmful substances and can be reprocessed for the second time. Aluminium windows can be installed in various objects: private residential buildings, commercial purpose buildings, production buildings, offices, residential high-rise buildings.


Megrame is offering windows produced using highest quality Reynaers profiles.


Our aluminium windows:


  • Are well-built, long lasting, resistant and waterproof;
  • Are made of thermally insulated profile systems with good thermal insulation features;
  • Are ecological, do not exude harmful substances and can be reprocessed for the second time;
  • Can be manufactured in various window shapes adjusted to different architectural styles;
  • Optional burglar, fire and bullet resistance
  • Are available in all RAL colours, anodized colours and various wood imitations. Two – side painting of the profile is available.


Advantages of windows with Reynaers CS 68, CS 77, CS 86Hi profiles:


  • Thermal insulation of the frame Uf between 1,2 and 2,9 W/m2K.
  • 68/77/86 mm width profile provides a high acoustic performance.
  • Thermally improved 3-chamber profile for the optimum combination.
  • Glazing (max up to 44mm width) can be installed.
  • WK3 burglar resistance can be achieved.
  • All types of inward (tilt&turn) and outward (casement) opening Windows are available.


  • Coto62 window is designed for low energy projects with U value of 0,77 W/m²K....

  • Euro94 tilt and turn windows are suitable for apartments, private houses and commercial buildings....

  • Megrame Flush Casement double glazed windows with perfectly flush joints with no unsightly grooves....