S9000 tilt&turn windows

S9000 tilt&turn windows


Megrame windows with the new GEALAN S 9000 profile with tripple seals combine the advantages of central seal and rebate seal. A large construction depth of as much as 83 mm, 6 chambers inside the sash and frame profiles and 3 levels of gaskets ensure an even better thermal and sound insulation.
Particularly suitable for highly energy efficient houses – the value of heat transmission coefficient of a window equals to U – 0.77 W/m²K.


The advantages of Gealan S 9000 window with 6 chamber profile:

  • Profile width: 83 mm
  • U value: 0,77 W/m2K (for entire window with glazing unit)
  • Fittings: G-U, additional security levels available, standard and lockable handles
  • Glazing: From 52 mm, wide choice of glazing options
  • Glass unit spacers: thermo spacer (Swisspacer, TGI, etc)
  • Gaskets: Triple
  • Colour options: white; laminated on one side/both sides; different colour laminates on both sides; acrylcolour outside.

LST EN 1026:2004

4 (600Pa)

LST EN 12211:2002

C5 (2000Pa)

LST EN 1027:2004

9A (600Pa)

EN ISO 12567-1:2010

0.77 W/m²K

The values are tested for a 1230 x 1480 single opening window with 4LowE-20t-4-20t-4LowE argon filled glass unit, thickness 52mm

Opening options

Side Hung Window

When a side hung window opens the sash does not move away from the frame like a projecting side hung window. This type of window can be used as a fire escape as the full width of the window is accessible when the window is open. Inward


Bottom Hung Window

A bottom hung window is similar in function to a Side Hung window but with the hinges placed at the bottom. Inward


Fixed Light

A fixed light window has no sash and does not open. This type of window is ideal where you want to maximize internal light and make the most of scenic views.


Tilt and turn window

The windows open inwards. They combine two opening types (hung and tilt) in one sash, which is the great advantage. The tilt and turn windows are operated with one centrally-located easy-to reach handle. The windows should not be wider than they are high. Sashes which are too wide place too much load on the hardware and tend to sag. Inward

Laminate colour options

MEGRAME uPVC windows and doors with wood imitation look like they are made of wood, and still maintain all the advantages of PVC windows. You don’t need to paint such windows, they are easy to clean and the surface doesn’t change through the years.

Dual-tone frames are also available with a white profile outside and wood imitation inside or different wood imitation on the outside and the inside.


The following laminate colours are available:


Standard colours:


  1. Oregon IV
  2. Golden Oak
  3. Oak
  4. Mahagony
  5. Moor Oak
  6. Hazelnut
  7. Light Oak

Non standard colours:


  1. Cream White
  2. Silver Grey
  3. Anthracine Grey
  4. Fir Green
  5. Steel Blue
  6. Douglas Fir
  7. Mountain Pine
  8. Walnut
  9. Natural Hazelnut
  10. Cherry
  11. Chocolate
  12. Siena PN Noce
  13. Siena PR Rosso
Acryl colour options

The acryl colour coating is co-extruded together with the profile. In the extrusion process the 2 mm thick layer of liquid colour acryl is fused together with the white uPVC. Acryl not only gives colour to the profile but also is mechanically harder than uPVC, as well as does not fade in the sun during time.

Available combinations of window colour: white both sides or white on the inside and acryl colour on the outside.




* First row – standard colours, second – non standard

Resistance to weather conditions. “Acrylcolor” surfaces are coated with acrylic, that perfectly preserves color freshness. “Acrylcolor” profiles for PVC windows are resistant and durable, do not change their features even under extreme weather conditions.

Easy to maintain and clean. PVC windows from “Acrylcolor” profiles don’t need any particular care and are easy to clean. They are dirt resistant and can be washed with convetional cleaning agents. The surface of colored profile does not crack or peel, therefore there is no need for labor-intensive polishing and cleaning. There are no additional expenses for the maintenance and preservation of the original image.

Scratch resistant. The surface of PVC windows from “Acrylcolor” profiles is soft and glossy with no pores. PVC and acrylic welded at very high temperatures gives the surface a special resistance to external mechanical impact. They are not only extremely resistant to scratches, but also resistant to dust and dirt.

Increased sun reflection. Beams of the sun pass through transparent acrylic layer, which does not affect infrared rays, and reflect from the background layer of white PVC. Therefore sunlight does not heat it very much. The temperature difference between the white PVC windows and colored PVC windows from “Acrylcolor” profile is hardly noticeable.

Ecology, preservation of natural resources. PVC windows from “Acrylcolor” profiles can be 100% recycled. The profile remains are being reused. Old and unused PVC windows can be re-granulated and sent to melt. The result of these operations – high-quality material that can be reused for new PVC window profiles and other products. At the same time closed material cycle is fulfilled.


Today’s glazing solutions offer incredible potential to create environments that are comfortable, cost-effective and sustainable.

At MEGRAME we offer a range of double and triple glazing with different performance characteristics – energy saving, solar control, noise reduction, safety, fire resistance.

Available glass unit spacers: aluminium, thermospacers Swisspacer and TGI (colours white or grey as standard).

To ensure privacy our customers can choose from Standard frosted glass or following obscure glass patterns:


Type No.1

Type No.2

Type No.3

Type No.4

Type No.5

Type No.6

Type No.7

Type No.8

Type No.9

Type No.10


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