Spring Sash

Spring Sash Windows


The spring sash window is a modern day more economical alternative of the classic box sash window. It uses a spring loaded mechanism allowing for a smaller rebate and is often used in new builds where a flush reveal has been detailed by the architect.


MEGRAME Spring Sash Windows offer a choice of frame profiles and glazing bars, along with a variety of specifications to ensure that aesthetic, thermal and acoustic requirements are achieved. Internally glazed providing a secure anti-burglar solution and easier maintenance.

LST EN 1026:2004

3 (600Pa)

LST EN 12211:2002

C3 (1200Pa)

LST EN 1027:2004

6A (250Pa)

EN ISO 10077-1:2006

1.3 W/m²K

The values are tested for a 1230 x 1480 single opening window with 4/16t/4 Low-E argon filled glass unit, thickness 24mm.

Opening options

Megrame spring sash wooden windows are made to order to customer specification, almost any layout of window that is required can be manufactured. Main types:

Sash window types

Species of wood

Only engineered timber is used to manufacture Megrame windows and doors. This provides superior strength, stability and a knot-free finish – qualities for which our products are renowned.

Standard species of wood:

  • pine (finger-joint or clear faced)
  • oak
  • larch
  • meranti

Other species of traditional (eucalyptus, mahogany) or exotic (hemlock, oregon, white saraya) timber available upon request.

The timber used to manufacture our products is carefully selected and treated, and with correct installation and proper maintenance MEGRAME windows will last and give satisfaction for several decades


MEGRAME offers fully factory finished high quality timber windows and doors that have the convenience and durability provided by modern finishing technology with the excellence produced by highly skilled craftsmen.

Mediena copy

The quality finish of MEGRAME timber windows is obtained using highest quality ecological spray applied, water based, micro-porous finishing system. The finishing coat is elastic and moves together with the wood as well as lets the wood breathe.

A wide variety of RAL and stain colours are available to meet our customers’ requirements. All of our paints and lacquers are environmentally friendly, ecologically clean and harmless to the environment.

Available combinations of window colour:

  • lacquer both sides;
  • lacquer one side and RAL colour other side;
  • RAL colour both sides;
  • different RAL colour on each side.

Today’s glazing solutions offer incredible potential to create environments that are comfortable, cost-effective and sustainable.

At MEGRAME we offer a range of double and triple glazing with different performance characteristics – energy saving, solar control, noise reduction, safety, fire resistance.

Available glass unit spacers: aluminium, thermospacers Swisspacer and TGI (colours white or grey as standard).

To ensure privacy our customers can choose from Standard frosted glass or following obscure glass patterns:


Type No.1

Type No.2

Type No.3

Type No.4

Type No.5

Type No.6

Type No.7

Type No.8

Type No.9

Type No.10


STANDARD: Heritage Fitch Fasteners (Brass, Chrome, Satin chrome, Satin nickel, Antique brass) secured-by-design


OPTION: Locking Heritage Fitch Fasteners (Brass, Chrome, Satin chrome, Satin nickel, Antique brass)   secured-by-design


STANDARD: Plated sash lifts (Brass, Chrome, Satin chrome, Satin nickel, Antique brass, White)   


OPTION: Angel Ventlock (Brass, Chrome, Satin chrome, Antique brass, White)   


OPTION: Original Push Ventlock with Mini strike plates (Brass, Chrome, Satin chrome)   


OPTION: The Original Locking Ventlock with Mini strike plates  (Brass, Chrome, Satin chrome)  


OPTION: Strike Plates with Reversible Bumper (Brass, Chrome, Satin chrome, White)


OPTION: Ring pulls/eyes (Brass, Chrome, Satin chrome, Satin nickel, Antique brass, White)  


OPTION: Dee Handle (Brass, Chrome, Satin chrome, Satin nickel, Antique brass, White)   


Glazing bars

Glued on glass timber glazing bars available in 22 mm or 18mm width, height – 14mm or 19 mm (depends on the profile option). Types:

Glazing bar types

Window glazing bead profile will match the internal glazing bar. External glazing bars is Putty line as standard. Glazing bars available with or without internal spacer.

Glazing bars inside glass units – aluminium bars mounted between the glass.


Width – 18 or 25 mm, height – 8 mm,NR.4C

colours – white, brown, white/brown.







Width – 7,5 mm, height – 5,6 mm,

colours – gold, silver.NR.4E

Other options

Frame and sash options: 176mm or 156mm Jambs & Head with 68mm or 65mm height cill, sash width 60mm or 50mm.

Cill Extensions: Projecting cill – 40mm, 60mm or 80mm. Other projections available (30mm to 100mm).

Cill extension

Gaskets – colours available: white, brown.

Trickle ventilation – can be installed in the frame or sash, concealed vent available.

All MEGRAME timber windows and doors are made-to-measure and can be fitted with a complete range of opening and closing solutions. Different units can be combined to create more complex constructions such as curtain walling, screens, patios, bays and bows, all created to your exact specifications.

Our correctly designed and manufactured windows are delivered fully finished and glazed prior to careful installation – giving our clients a high quality product which will benefit their homes for years.


  • Coto62 window is designed for low energy projects with U value of 0,77 W/m²K....

  • Euro94 tilt and turn windows are suitable for apartments, private houses and commercial buildings....

  • Megrame Flush Casement double glazed windows with perfectly flush joints with no unsightly grooves....